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Three months ago, our startup started its journey as a participant in the Urban Shift Program. This program aims to combat climate change in urban areas while aligning with the goals of the EU Green Deal. In this transformative experience, we connected with like-minded individuals, immersed ourselves in a Living Curriculum, and gained invaluable insights.
Inspired by the program's vision, we transformed into a startup combining our knowledge and skills in sustainable design, digital solutions and business. Armed with groundbreaking ideas and a passion for change, our mission is to bring nature back to cities in an easy, sustainable and austhetic way.
Curious about how we will do it? More information is coming soon! Stay tuned!




🌿 Bringing Nature Back to Cities: Enhancing Wellbeing, One Office at a Time! 🌱🏢
In today's fast-paced urban environments, the need for reconnecting with nature has become more crucial than ever. At Planterra, we are passionate about bringing the beauty and benefits of nature back into cities, starting with our innovative approach to effortless greenery solutions for offices. 🌿🌇
🌱 The Power of Nature's Presence 🌿
Nature has an extraordinary ability to calm our minds, rejuvenate our spirits, and promote overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, our modern urban lifestyles often leave little room for experiencing the restorative benefits of green spaces. By integrating vegetation into office environments, we aim to bridge this gap, creating a harmonious and biophilic atmosphere that enhances productivity, reduces stress, and boosts creativity.
🏢 Transforming Workplaces into Inspiring Oases 💼
We believe that the presence of real greenery in offices can have a profound impact on the working environment. Our goal is to make it effortless for businesses to create a thriving oasis right within their workplace. From low-maintenance plant options to comprehensive monitoring services, we take care of all the strings attached, so office managers and employees can enjoy the benefits without any added stress or effort.
🌿 Enhancing Wellbeing for Employees 💚
Employee wellbeing is at the core of our mission. We understand that a healthy and inspired workforce is the backbone of any successful organization. By incorporating vegetation into offices, we aim to enhance air quality, improve acoustics, and provide a visually pleasing environment that promotes mental and physical health. We believe that investing in the wellbeing of employees not only improves job satisfaction but also fosters productivity and creativity.